day 134

Ukraine war: Western weapons ‘work very hard’ against Russian forces, says Zelenskyy | world news

Weapons supplied by the West are beginning to affect the war in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

Ukrainian Fighters open up “tangible punches”. Russian logistical goals, the president revealed in his late-night video message, adding that strikes hurt Moscow’s offensive potential.

He said: “Western artillery – the weapons we got from our partners – started to work very hard.

“Its accuracy is just as it needs to be. Our defenders make very conspicuous strikes on depots and other points important to the logistics of the occupiers, and this significantly reduces the offensive potential of the Russian army.

“Occupier casualties will increase each week, as will the difficulty of supplying them.”

day 134

Important developments:

• Ukrainian flag flies over Snake Island again
• Western artillery is working “very hard,” says President Zelenskyy
• Meeting of representatives of the G20 countries including Russia in Bali
• Heavy shelling along Donetsk frontline but no progress from either side, UK MoD says
Ukraine sees “treason” as giving up territory as “not an option,” says the mayor of Kyiv

It comes after Sky News reported how The Ukrainian military’s social media increasingly reported on the use of the HIMAR systema US-made and supplied multiple rocket launcher that analysts said was used to target Russian forces over the weekend.

Kyiv has repeatedly asked the West to send more weapons to repel the Russian invasion.

Mr. Zelenskyy said that his forces are advancing in several tactical directions – especially in the south, in the Kherson region, in the Zaporizhia region – and that Ukrainians “will not give up our country”.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian flag was hoisted on Snake Island in the Black Sea after defense forces liberated it from Russian troops.

The blue and yellow colors once again flutter across the strategic island, which has been in the spotlight many times during the war – not least when A Russian warship was told to fuck itself when it demanded that Ukrainian troops surrender early in the conflict.

In a reference to this episode (now a feature on Ukrainian postage stamps), a message to the Russian warship was written on the flag, stating that the island is Ukrainian and signed by the head of the Odessa region, Maxim Marchenko.

The Ukrainian flag flies over Snake Island after Russian forces were driven off.  Image: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Image: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

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Britain’s Defense Ministry said Wednesday heavy shelling continued along the front line in Donetsk but that no progress was made by either side.

The intelligence update said it believed the Russian forces involved in last week’s gains would be “reconstituted.”

It comes as G20 foreign ministers convene on the Indonesian island of Bali for talks said to be dominated by the conflict in Ukraine, despite an agenda centered on global cooperation and food and energy security.

It is said to be the first time Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov has met many of the G20 leaders since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

The G20 includes Western countries that accuse Moscow of war crimes in Ukraine, and countries like China, India and South Africa that either support Russia or have abstained in UN votes calling for steps to be taken against Russian aggression.

Many of its members oppose Western sanctions.

Germany’s foreign minister said G7 countries would coordinate their response to Mr Lavrov in Bali.

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