Adris Mohammed, 44, tied up an OAP and left him to die

Thug tied up pensioner with telephone wire and left him to die in £8,000 house raids with OAP’s body not found for 12 DAYS

A thug tied up a pensioner with a telephone wire and left him to die during a house raid.

Adris Mohammed, 44, targeted disabled David Varlow, 78, a total of three times and spent over £8,000 using stolen bank cards.

Adris Mohammed, 44, tied up an OAP and left him to die


Adris Mohammed, 44, tied up an OAP and left him to dieCredit: PA
David Varlow was found 12 days after his death


David Varlow was found 12 days after his deathCredit: West Midlands Police

OAP was found 12 days after he died of a stress-induced heart while tied to a chair in November.

Mohammed had broken into a window in Halesowen, West Midlands, ransacked the house and gone on a £550 spending spree with the stolen bank card.

He then returned ten days later with his accomplice O’Shay Swan, 42, to steal a second card, when he allegedly found Mr Varlow’s body and untied him.

Police had been called for a previous failed burglary attempt when Mr Varlow heard broken glass at his home in October.

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The burglar fled when the lights came on and there was no evidence to make Mohammed a suspect.

But footage showed Mohammed withdrawing cash minutes after the burglary that killed Mr Varlow.

He was also captured selling a gold bracelet to Stafford.

The bracelet had been bought by a friend of Mohammed using Mr Varlow’s card, and Mohammed wanted to turn the purchase into cash by selling it.

Mohammed was arrested when we found his DNA on the knife, scissors and wire left at the scene, while Swan was found through analysis of cellphone data showing who Mohammed had been in contact with.

The family described Mr Varlow as a ‘much loved brother, brother-in-law and uncle’.

They added: “No one deserved to die alone like David did. We miss David every day.

“He will always be part of our family and will forever hold a place in our hearts.”

Detective Inspector Ranj Sangha said: “Mr. Varlow suffered an appalling ordeal, being tied up and essentially left for dead by a man whose only interest was to rob him.

“We believe Mohammed returned to Mr Varlow for the third and final time knowing he was still tied up or dead.

“But instead of doing the right thing and calling for help, he kept stealing it again, with Swan helping him.”

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Mohammed was jailed for 33 years after being convicted of attempted burglary, aggravated burglary, murder and fraud at Birmingham Crown Court.

Swan turned six after being convicted of burglary and fraud.

O'Shay Swan was jailed for six years


O’Shay Swan was jailed for six yearsCredit: West Midlands Police

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