The Switch to Android app is available for all phones running Android 12

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Android announced its support for the ‘Switch to Android’ app on iOS Wednesday, which will now be available to all users who are upgrading from iOS to Android 12 phones. The app was developed to simplify the transition from iPhone to Android. Android’s “Switch to Android” is a welcome sight for ex-Apple fans who have migrated to Google’s mobile operating system, especially since Apple released the “Move to iOS” app for Android-to-iPhone switchers in 2015.

Google Soft launched the ‘Switch to the Android app at the end of April. Before this app, if you wanted to move your data from iPhone to Android, it was a more tedious task. You would need to go to a Switch to Android website, back up your data to a computer, and then move it to Google Drive.

The app helps to transfer important information from your iPhone to your Android. You can connect your iPhone to Android via cable or Wi-Fi, and then you need to follow the setup instructions for seamless data transfer. And you don’t have to worry about your data disappearing from your old phone, the transfer just makes a copy of your data.

According to Android website, the data transferred from iPhone to Android via cable are the following: contacts, photos and videos (stored locally on your phone, not iCloud), messages, wallpapers (custom photos only), music (any DRM-free, non-iTunes music) as well as call logs, alarms, and device settings.

If everything on your iPhone is backed up to iCloud, you may have a lengthy process. When the Android app was originally found unlisted in the iOS app store, One of Gizmodo’s reporters tested it. The final step was to sign in to your Apple ID to copy your photos and videos from iCloud and also involves sending a request to Apple for a copy of all your data. The advantages of switching to Android and using this app may outweigh this disadvantage of waiting for your data to be transferred, as is the case with Android Traits that many people love.

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