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Sheaf Remoter: Stream audio directly from your DAW to your phone

sheaf more distant

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Remoter is a new plugin that allows you to stream audio directly from your DAW to any device with a web browser, e.g. B. on your phone, laptop or tablet. Ever needed to check how your mix translates on phone speakers or earbuds? That’s the kind of situation where Remoter could be very useful.

sheaf more distant

Here’s a neat little tool that could make your life a lot easier when you want to check your mixes on your phone or laptop speakers. more distant is a VST3 and AU plug-in for Windows and Mac computers that is inserted into the master channel of your DAW software. It then allows you Stream your mix directly to any device capable of running a web browser, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. It even displays a QR code for quick and easy pairing.

According to the developer, Remoter uses lossless audio streaming. If the available bandwidth is an issue, you can opt for it Opus encoded streaming instead, which uses less bandwidth. Audio is streamed over the network (no unstable Bluetooth connection!) and you can even connect multiple devices at the same time. How about a little earphone listening party in the control room?

sheaf more distant

more distant

Low latency connection

The developer says the latency is low enough to make real-time adjustments to the mix. However, there is a buffer setting that you can use to find the optimal balance between latency and stability. Another benefit of this type of connection is that it doesn’t require a special app on your phone as it works in the browser.

There are a few caveats: First, the lossless streaming option appears to use a browser feature that’s no longer officially supported. While many browsers still have it, there’s a chance that browser developers might actually remove it in the future, in which case lossless streaming would no longer work. And second, Opus encoded streaming doesn’t work on iOS yet.

Still, Remoter seems like a great tool to have in your arsenal. Checking mixes on phones and tablets has become a standard practice these days, and Remoter makes it quick and effortless.

price and compatibility

Remoter is now available for €20. The plugin continues to run macOS and Windows in AU and VST3 formats.

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