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Ranking of personal finance apps remains the same

So how has it been this month? Did household income exceed expenses? Did the investments work as we hoped? As with so many other things, there are personal finance apps that can provide details on these and other questions.

Similarly, PYMNTS takes stock of the apps themselves each month – in this case, reviewing a variety of publicly available information and app usage data, then rating and ranking the apps.

Conclusions from this month’s edition of PYMNTS’ Ranking of personal finance app providers are the same as last month, with the top 10 competitors ranked in the same order as last time.

Now let’s do the accounting.

The Top 5

Enjoying the highest balance, so to speak, is Carillon. This app is #1, like last time, with a score of 99.

Three points behind is the second, Stashwith a score of 96. This app was also ranked second last month.

Also holding the position he held last time is Robin Hood. This app is third with a score of 94.

Continuing the trend, Albert Save and spend smarter is ranked fourth again this month with a score of 91.

Another competitor maintaining his position in the ranking is mint. This app scored 88 and retains #5.

Top 10

There is another familiar name at No. 6, such as tassels maintains its position with a score of 85.

Yes, it’s definitely a trend. The seventh place in the ranking is also held by the same application as last month, because myWisely Financial Wellness records a score of 77.

Ranked eighth, like last time, is Loyalty investments. This app got a score of 73.

At number 9, Emma Budget Manager keeps his place in the lineup with a score of 72.

Rounding out the top 10 – which we’ve now confirmed includes the same competitors in the same order as last time – is Running. This app scores 70 and closes this month’s ranking of personal finance app providers.



About: PYMNTS’ survey of 2,094 consumers for The Tailored Shopping Experience report, a collaboration with Elastic Path, shows where merchants are succeeding and where they need to up their game to deliver a personalized shopping experience.

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