A design sketch of the Nothing phone (1)

Nothing phone (1) to support 45W charging

Just yesterday, Nothing announced that its launch event for the phone (1) will take place on July 12 in London. As we enter the final month before the event, a new TUV certification reveals that the Nothing(1) phone can support 45W fast charging.

SourceĀ : <i>91Mobiles</i>“width=”315″ height=”181” src=”https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/22/06/nothing-phone-1-supports-45w-charging/inline/-315/gsmarena_001 .jpg”/> <i>91Mobiles</i>“width=”315″ height=”181” src=”https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/22/06/nothing-phone-1-supports-45w-charging/inline/-315/gsmarena_002 .jpg”/><br />
<br /><span><strong>Source: <i>91Mobiles</i></strong></span></p>
<p>The certification lists the details of a Nothing branded charger.  Three model numbers are listed: C304, C347, and C348.  This may report three global variants of the same loader.  This adapter is also designed for fast charging up to 45W. It is categorized as a ‘switching power supply’ and listed as having an IP20 ‘degree of protection’.</p>
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A design sketch of the Nothing phone (1)

Additionally, the charging adapter will also be compatible with the PPS charging standard, up to 45W, allowing you to quickly charge larger devices like laptops and other Android flagship devices.

The Nothing(1) phone will launch on July 12 at an event taking place in London. It should have wireless charging and a transparent back cover that highlights the internals of the device – with a design language similar to that of Nothing Ear (1).

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