Nokia Teases New Feature Phones From Original Series?

Nokia Teases New Feature Phones From Original Series?

Numerous leaks confirmed that Nokia Mobile is ready to announce new feature phones from the Nokia Original series. If the June rumors are true, we should also see the Nokia 5710 XA, Nokia 8210 4G, Nokia 2660 Flip 4G and some basic 2G phones. The most interesting phones of all are the legendary Nokia 8210 and the Nokia 5710, which were dream phones in their time. I remember seeing the super small 8210 for the first time and I have to say I’m excited to see how well Nokia Mobile will recreate this top model from 1999. I hope it doesn’t feel as cheap as the black 6310 version did.

The exact date of the announcement is not yet known, but it seems that Nokia Mobile itself is teasing the new phone on the official site. If you look at the photo above, the center phone looks like the original Nokia 8210, although it shares some design similarities with the Nokia 225 4G (same camera and speaker grille layout). However, the Nokia logo is vertical on this phone and the color is different, which could indicate that this is a new phone.

I like the design of the Nokia 225 4G and alongside the Nokia 110 4G (and 3310 2017) I consider it one of the best looking Nokia feature phones that Nokia Mobile has released. I’m happy to see remnants of the old design enhanced with some modern lines. Whoever designed these phones deserves a raise or a promotion to the smartphone division, where decent Nokia design pales.

Source Nokia Google search

The source of the original Nokia 8210 is a great yt video commemorating this legend.

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