Motorola 200 megapixel lens

Motorola will bring a 200-megapixel lens phone next month

In recent years, Motorola has not only launched the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 chips, but also many other innovations. We mean it fights in multiple directions. And thanks to such a strategy, Motorola gets exclusive windows. For example, while major smartphone makers still use 100-megapixel main cameras, Motorola is going to launch a new flagship with a 200-megapixel lens on board. According to the latest reports, the phone is already on the way and will hit the market in the near future.

Not so long ago, Motorola released a document saying, “New benchmark for imaging experience beyond settings, ushering in the era of 200-megapixel mobile photography. See you in July. So, the company has officially confirmed that Motorola will launch a 200-megapixel camera phone next month.

Motorola 200 megapixel lens

Today, Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Phone Business Department, talked about the upcoming phone. Although he didn’t divulge many details and didn’t mention the name of the phone, we assume he was talking about the company’s upcoming 200-megapixel handset. He said that the camera of this device surprised him a lot. If the Lenovo exec liked it, there will undoubtedly be a big surprise at launch.

Before that, some Weibo bloggers had revealed the handset’s selling points. For example, we know it will pack the flagship Snapdragon 8+ processor. Thus, this will be the second selling point of the phone. However, there are many others as well. Let’s say the Motorola device will support 125W super-fast charging.

Motorola’s 200-megapixel lens phone

Well, the phone we’re talking about is going to focus on photography. In this regard, it is interesting to know with which CMOS it will be delivered. Judging by previous leaks, we’re dealing with Samsung’s CMOS ISOCELL HP1. It has a pixel size of 1/1.22″, a unit pixel of 0.64μm, supports ISOCELL 3.0 technology, can complete 4-in-1 or 16-in-1 pixel combinations depending on the scene, etc.

Motorola 200 megapixel lens

To make it easier for users to capture fleeting moments, Samsung has equipped the ISOCELL HP1 with fast and precise autofocus. This is possible thanks to the Double Super PD phase detection technology of the image sensor. Double Super PD technology contains twice as many autofocus pixels as Super PD. These pixels feature AF micro-lenses that allow you to focus on fast-moving objects faster and capture stunning content.

Finally, we would like to say that all the aforementioned news is pretty accurate. The Motorola phone was also spotted in a photo. The latter proves the existence of a 200 megapixel lens. In this sense, we can also see that it genuinely uses Samsung’s CMOS.

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