Back of the Nothing Phone 1

Most of you like the design of the Nothing Phone 1

The Nothing Phone 1 is just under a month away from its July 12 release, and the company finally revealed the back of the phone last week. The design is indeed transparent but also reveals a wireless charging coil, the Nothing logo in the center and a dual rear camera system.

What to do Android authority But readers think of this design? Well, we published a poll in our news article, and the results are finally in.

What do you think of the design of the Nothing Phone 1?


At the time of writing, over 4,300 votes were counted, giving us a healthy sample size. It turns out that 73.06% of respondents say they like the design of the Nothing Phone 1. We haven’t seen many comments on this story at all, but we can imagine the transparent design appealed to many polled readers hoping for a change from the usual plastic and glass designs.

Meanwhile, 26.94% of the polled readers said they hate the design. For what it’s worth, the handset seems to get more than a few cues from the iPhone. For example, the vertically stacked rear cameras and the location of the flash and secondary sensor appear to be similar to devices like the iPhone 12. We also get flat edges here, along with Apple-style antenna strips.

Still, it looks like most polls do Android authority Readers are for the design of Nothing. But we’re looking forward to a full reveal, including the front page, specs, pricing, and availability.

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