Lawyers warn Prince Andrew ‘we’ll find you’ in bid to serve new legal documents


Lawyer Spencer Kuvin, who acts for Caroline Kaufman, wants a statement from Prince Andrew and threatens to formally serve legal documents on him in person if necessary

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Prince Andrew: ‘Too early’ for public appearances, says Tominey

Prince Andrew risks being drawn back into the Jeffery Epstein sex scandal as he attempts a comeback.

A lawyer said the Duke was at US pedophile Epstein’s mansion the night Epstein raped a teenager there.

Spencer Kuvin wants a statement from Andrew and threatens to officially serve legal papers on him in person if necessary.

Mr Kuvin is acting for Caroline Kaufman, 28, who claims Epstein attacked her at her New York home when Prince Andrew was a guest there in December 2010.

He said: “We are considering serving Prince Andrew. We would get a subpoena issued here in the United States which would be transferred to England and located, and then we had to locate it and have it served. He should be a fairly easy target to locate.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre during an interview in New York on August 29, 2019


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Jeffrey Epstein poses for a photo of a sex offender after being charged with recruiting a minor into prostitution


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Reports last week suggested Andrew was considering a return to public life.

A source was quoted as saying the Duke believes his titles should be restored “and his position recognized and respected”.

The prince, 62, has lost his HRH and other titles following claims by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre that he sexually assaulted her three times when she was 17.

Prince Andrew could be dragged back into Jeffery Epstein sex scandal


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Andrew said he had no recollection of meeting her, but in February he settled the US civil case out of court for an undisclosed sum believed to be in the millions.

He then pledged to support the “fight against the evils of sex trafficking, and supporting its victims” in a statement.

But Florida-based Mr Kuvin added: “Frankly, it’s embarrassing for the Royal Family that he’s attempting a comeback at all.

Caroline Kaufman, pictured as a teenager, claims she was raped by Epstein

“If Prince Andrew wants to stay true to his word, I urge him to make a statement about what happened the night Caroline was attacked. He should be willing, we should not seek to serve him to get his testimony.

“Caroline wants to know what he has to say. She wants all the witnesses to come forward.

Financier Epstein hanged himself in prison in 2019 at the age of 66. A representative for the Duke declined to comment.

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