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Investors who bought shares of International Personal Finance (LON:IPF) a year ago are now up 131%

When buying shares in a company, there is always a risk that the price will drop to zero. But if you choose the right company to buy shares in, you can make more than you can lose. For example the International Personal Finance plc (LON:IPF), the stock price is up 131% over the past year. Most would be very happy with that, especially in just a year! It’s also good to see that the stock price is up 16% over the most recent quarter. Zoom out, the stock is actually Low 42% in the last three years.

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While the efficient markets hypothesis continues to be taught by some, evidence shows that markets are over-reactive dynamic systems and investors are not always rational. An imperfect but simple way to study how a company’s market perception has changed is to compare the change in earnings per share (EPS) to stock price movement.

Last year, International Personal Finance’s earnings per share (EPS) fell below zero. While some may see this as temporary, we’re a skeptical bunch, so we’re a little surprised to see the stock price rising. The company may have performed well on other metrics.

International Personal Finance revenue actually fell 26% year over year. So using a snapshot of key business metrics doesn’t give us a good picture of why the market is pushing the stock higher.

The chart below shows how revenue and earnings have evolved over time (click on the image to find out the exact values).

LSE:IPF Earnings and Revenue Growth July 28, 2021

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A different perspective

It’s nice to see that International Personal Finance shareholders have delivered a total return of 131% over the past year. In particular, the five-year TSR loss of 6% per year compares very unfavorably to recent share price performance. That makes us a little suspicious, but business may have turned. It is always interesting to follow stock price developments over the longer term. But to better understand International Personal Finance, we need to consider many other factors. You should be aware of this 1 warning sign we discovered at International Personal Finance.

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Please note that the market returns quoted in this article reflect the market-weighted average returns of stocks currently traded on UK stock exchanges.

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