The rear camera bar on the Pixel 6 Pro - Has your Pixel 6 suffered from random device shutdowns?

Has your Pixel 6 suffered from random device shutdowns?

Thanks to June’s quarterly feature drop, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones fixed many of the bugs that made the devices two of the most buggy new phones in recent memory. Some Pixel 6 series units lost cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, while other issues centered on the under-display optical fingerprint sensor, which proved to be laggy. And several updates were delayed, preventing Pixel 6 series users from installing them.

Is a new Pixel 6 series bug randomly turning off Pixel 6 series phones while taking photos in airplane mode?

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When airplane mode is activated, the phone loses phone functions and blocks all radio frequency transmission services. It closes all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, and data connections on your mobile device to prevent the handset from interfering with commercial aircraft. To turn on Airplane mode, go to settings > Network & Internet > Turn on Airplane mode.

This is something the user has done with older Pixel models they owned and have never had a problem with it before. But sure enough, there’s a problem with the Pixel 6. As the Redditor says in his post, “but of course here comes the Pixel 6; it randomly turns off by itself when taking pictures without any reason; thankfully it’s rare but annoying nonetheless, it happens 1-2-3 times in a long day.

The settings that cause the shutdown include the phone being in airplane mode with plenty of free space and plenty of battery life. The temperature would be cold
-normal temperatures, cold but not so much to turn off the phone. The Pixel 5 had no issues at -5°C -10°C and most users were unable to reproduce the issue. One Pixel 6 Pro user said he uses battery mode to take photos on his Pixel 6 Pro in areas where he knows there is no wireless service, and he’s never had the same problem with the phone randomly shut down.

Some believe the problem has to do with colder temperatures and greater internal resistance for batteries at lower temperatures

Radian Fi writes on Reddit that this could be a problem in colder temperatures. He says: “I think it’s possible that it’s actually temperature and battery related. The battery in the device in question could have too much internal resistance at lower temperatures…but that’s just speculation.” Internal resistance is the resistance to the flow of current inside the battery, and cold weather increases internal resistance.

Another Reddit user with Keijikage’s grip notes that with the colder temperature and higher internal resistance, “it may seem like you have a battery, but you don’t actually since the phone is charging when you’re taking photos or recording videos.” pounding on the chipset”. Another Reddit user by the name of “rignfool” noticed that the same problem happened to him earlier when he owned the Nexus 6 with his “SHITTY” battery.

So is this a new bug? Most Google Pixel 6 series users do not turn on Airplane mode on their phones to use the cameras for photos and videos. And while some other Reddit members did the same, none of them said they experienced the random shutdown of their Pixel 6 series phones. So we wouldn’t necessarily call it a bug. But if you encountered this issue while using the camera after turning on airplane mode on your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, let us know by sending us a comment using the comment section below.

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