Google Fi details impact of T-Mobile 3G shutdown for Pixel

Google Fi details impact of T-Mobile 3G shutdown for Pixel

In addition to releasing a Pixel update that enables VoLTE roaming this month, Google Fi – as MVNO – explains “how the shutdown of T-Mobile 3G affects your service”.

In July 2022, T-Mobile will begin to turn off its 3G network. Therefore, some devices that do not support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) or VoLTE roaming may lose voice call services, including 911 calls, or connectivity when 3G networks are shut down.

In short, Google recommends to “upgrade to a device that has VoLTE enabled”, otherwise there will be home network issues. Google links to the standard Fi checker to confirm general device compatibility. A limited alternative is the continued ability to use Wi-Fi for voice calls.

When T-Mobile’s 3G network is removed, you will no longer be able to use your device for voice calls, including emergency calls, and you will have minimal connectivity.

Speaking of connectivity, Google Fi makes it clear that those who “primarily connect to a 3G network” will be impacted by this shutdown and directs users to the coverage map, which just identifies 4G LTE and 5G at this point, at check.

Finally, Google Fi breaks it down for Pixel owners:

If you’re using a Pixel 1 or 2, you’re affected by the 3G network outage. On your current phone, you will not have connectivity when roaming nationally and your phone will not receive the software update to enable VoLTE roaming.

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL “may have reduced ability to make phone calls while roaming” because they haven’t received the VoLTE roaming update. All other Pixel owners, including 3a users, are not affected.

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