Galaxy Z Fold 3 trade-in credits increased for a limited time

Galaxy Z Fold 3 trade-in credits increased for a limited time

Even though the Fold 4 is just around the corner, Samsung is currently offering a bonus to anyone interested in buying a Galaxy Z Fold 3, with enhanced trade-in credits of up to $1,100.

You can get $1,100 in trade-in credits for a Galaxy Z Fold 3

Exclusive to, buyers interested in buying a Galaxy Z Fold 3 can get absolutely great deals on the foldable’s trade-in value. For a limited time, Samsung has increased the maximum trade-in value to $1,100, up $200 from when the Fold 3 arrived.

The only device that will actually set you back $1,100, however, is the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The $2,000 foldable is currently selling for $700-800, so Samsung is definitely making a killer offer to owners of this device, especially in seeing how big of an upgrade the Fold 3 is. Moving from the Fold 2 to the Fold 3 brings an improved display and, more importantly, water resistance to the device.

But Fold 2 owners aren’t the only ones benefiting from these improved Galaxy Z Fold 3 trade-in values. Samsung has increased credits in just about every area for those looking to buy a Fold 3 – we’ve listed below are some notable occupations.

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – $1,025
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 – $800
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – $950
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – $1,100
  • Google Pixel 5 – $200
  • Apple iPhone 12 – $420
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max – $655
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max – $495
  • OnePlus 9 Pro – $275

The biggest problem here, however, is that the exchange values don’t give up if your phone screen is cracked. A typical cracked display decimates both trade and private sale values, so this is definitely a great deal.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is just around the corner

Of course, it’s probably a conscious decision by Samsung to try and clear out remaining Galaxy Z Fold 3 stock, as we’re only about two months away from the Galaxy Z Fold 4 launch.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is expected to introduce a new design with an updated hinge that’s both smaller and lighter than the Fold 3. Samsung is also expected to significantly address the crease in the middle of the display.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 in 2022 – Still worth it?

Almost a year after its launch, is it still worth buying the Galaxy Z Fold 3? It’s still an expensive smartphone at $1,799, but much of what we said in our review last year is true.

The Fold 3 remains one of the most useful smartphones on the market thanks to its versatile interior display, S Pen support and improved durability. Even though there’s fierce competition in this space with sets such as the Oppo Find N, they still don’t match the water resistance offered by the Fold 3.

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