Don't roll over - the Galaxy Z Flip 3 passed the big bend test

Don’t roll over – the Galaxy Z Flip 3 passed the big bend test

What do you want to know

  • YouTuber Mrkeybrd created a test where the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 was constantly folded and unfolded live endlessly.
  • The test lasted five days in total, ending just after 418,500 folds when the hinge became completely unreliable.
  • Samsung only rates the Z Flip 3 at 200,000 folds for the life of the phone.

Foldable phone owners will likely remember the first few times they folded and unfolded their phone. That pit-of-stomach feeling is no doubt caused by fears that the glass could shatter at any moment, even though Samsung claims the phone can bend over 200,000 times in its lifetime. That’s why YouTuber Mrkeybrd set out to find the exact number of times a Z Flip 3 could be bent before it broke.

Turns out Samsung’s estimates were incredibly conservative, and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (opens in a new tab) survived over 418,500 bends before the hinge – not the glass – finally gave way and remained neither open nor closed. This hinge started to get unreliable around 325,000 bends, which is still more than 50% longer than what Samsung rates for the phone.

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