Bette Midler has been accused of “demonizing” trans people with a controversial tweet

Bette Midler has been asked by fans to “do better” after they claimed that a recent tweet from the star “devils trans people”.

That mumbo-jumbo Actor, 76, recently wrote on Twitter: “Women of the world! We are being deprived of our rights to our bodies, our lives and even our names!”

She continued, “They don’t call us ‘women’ anymore; They call us “birth people” or “menstruators” and even “people with vaginas”! Don’t let them wipe you out! Every person on earth owes you something.”

However, many fans have responded in the comments, criticizing Midler for her “disappointing” message.

“As a trans man and Bette Midler fan, I’m really disappointed with this,” one user wrote, adding that “including trans men in the reproductive health conversation doesn’t hurt women.”

Actor and presenter Siobhán McSweeney stepped in to answer Midler, writes: “That is not true. xxx”.

Comedian and author Shaparak Khorsandi also contributed to the debate, and said, “‘I’m looking forward to drinks with some parturients I went to school with… we’re having a proper menstrual night!’ Let me know when this happens. For now, it’s just a friendly nod to the inclusion of a tiny minority.”

Another fan explained, “A lot of people use this language to better include trans male people.”

“What words would you use to include trans men who still have wombs and can get pregnant?” one asked.

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(Bette Midler/Twitter)

“That’s because it’s not just women who menstruate, give birth, or have vaginas. Trans men do all these things as do nonbinary people,” one wrote. “I love you so much, Bette, but you have to do better here.”

Activist Panti Bliss warned Midler not to “fall for the fake nonsense of the anti-trans panic.”

“No one erases women. In some small healthcare cases, they may use trans-inclusive language. That’s all,” added Panti Bliss.

“Better you started your career in bathhouses and be like the first Prides… you should know better than that tweet demonizing trans people for no reason,” commented another fan.

This backlash comes shortly after 1993 mumbo-jumboin which Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy played witches from Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century, announced its upcoming sequel.

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