Arsenal are right to stay well clear of Bissouma

Arsenal are right to stay well clear of Bissouma

And just like that, those pointless post-season international friendlies are over.

As of this writing, I am on the Jubilee line. I’m down to 6 beers and have no idea how England score. I do not care. All I know is it’s over now.

What a horribly pointless tournament.

Every international manager ended up playing massively changed XIs when they realized the players had just run out of steam. It’s time to get rid of the tournament.

In other news, Tottenham appear set to sign Yves Bissouma.

I was always uncomfortable with our connection to him.

As far as I know, the guy hasn’t been cleared of some gruesome charges yet.

Brighton has clearly pimped him to England in hopes of cashing in.

What is sometimes scary in football is that there is always a club ready to sign a player, no matter what he would have done. This is an example.

Bissouma is still facing some really crazy charges – yet Spurs are paying him £25million.

It might not end in tears; but I’m just glad Arsenal showed little interest.

It’s that time of year when I have to remind people to ignore Twitter ITKs.

Last week I saw a guy with over 50,000 followers claim that Gabriel Jesus at Arsenal is ‘almost done’, Gabriel Jesus at Chelsea is ‘almost done’ and Gabriel Jesus at Tottenham is ‘almost done’.

Questions need to be asked about these middle-aged guys who spend their days in their bedrooms screaming at a camera in hopes of teenage boys following them.

We won cricket. I’m in Canning Town. I think. It is still daylight outside. Maybe go for a beer.

Enjoy your Wednesday


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