Android Auto for phones ends, bootable USB devices, online city building games and start your own YouTube channel

Find out why Android Auto is changing, how to create a bootable USB, enjoy city building games in your browser, and how to start your own YouTube channel.

Why is Android Auto leaving your phone? Why is Microsoft removing Excel features? And should you buy a Pinebook Pro laptop? Plus, tips and tricks for creating a bootable USB drive, online city building games for your browser, and the gear you need to start a YouTube channel.

With the tech news that matters and some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your devices, the really useful podcast is our weekly show with Christian Cawley, Ben Stegner and Gavin Phillips.


Presentation notes

This week, we discuss the following tech news that matters:

Check out these tips and tricks:

We end the show with the following recommendations:

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